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These pages have not been properly updated since April 2005, although I added a new tree in June 07. Unfortunately in 2008 I had computer problems and a well meaning technical expert decided to delete my hard drive (having saved all my files) and then reformat the drive. What he failed to tell me was that you can't save programmes, so I lost all my web site files. Having redownloaded three essential programmes I can again edit the website so will add information from those who have emailed me over the last few years in the near future. Sorry about the delay. 25 Oct 2010.

I hope you find something to interest you in this Ingledew Family Name website. I started the site in order to share what I had learned about my own branch of the Ingledew family and to publish information about other trees and branches.

Hopefully anyone browsing this site will contact me with details of their Ingledew roots or of any papers, photos, family memorabilia, etc. which they have and we can exchange information and perhaps continue the process of making one big Ingledew Family Tree.

 My branch of the Ingledews came from North Yorkshire and moved to Newcastle upon Tyne in the early 19th Century in the person of Henry Ingledew, who became a solicitor. Three of his sons followed him into the family firm. The youngest, John Pybus Ingledew suffered from poor health and before he qualified he was sent on three sea voyages, of each of which he kept a diary. During this time (1853-1856) he kept many of the letters which were sent to him and from these a comprehensive picture of family life in Newcastle at that time can be ascertained. He subsequently moved to Cardiff and set up his own practice, which four of his sons entered in due course. Many of his descendants still live in that area.