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Egypt Diary


The Diaries of John Pybus Ingledew

When John Pybus Ingledew was a young man there was such concern for his health on account of his lungs that his father sent him on a number of sea voyages.  We have records of three of them - perhaps there was a fourth.

The first diary concerns a trip to Quebec aboard the barque "Feronia" leaving Shields in April 1853 and returning to Bristol at the end of July of that year.  John was 20 at this time.  He visited Toronto, Niagara Falls and Montreal and endured some fairly unpleasant sea conditions.  I have JPI's original diary, and also a transcript which has been typed out and distributed at some time in the past, but I have not yet put it on computer file.  I will add it at some stage.

The second diary, of which I have the original, starts from Southampton in October 1853, and records a sea voyage to Gibraltar and thence to Alexandria.  A long trip on a local sailing boat is taken up the Nile to Luxor and the first cataract (Aswan) and all the famous antiquities of Egypt are visited.  The return trip via Malta ends back in England in May 1854.  You can read the diary here.

The third diary I have is a typewritten transcript - again I am sure this is one of several copies that were made, but I don't know where the original is.  This voyage is aboard a steam powered vessel which is carrying supplies for the war in the Crimea.   They leave in October 1855 and return in January 1856, having visited Balaklava and Sebastapol during the last phase of the war against Russia.  I will put this online at some stage too.