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Letter folded and addressed to: J.P.Ingledew ,Esq. care of Messrs. Pethonier & Co.Merchants Alexandria Via Southampton pp pay 1p (?) S. Williams Postmarks indecipherable


6 Nixon Street Landyford Lane

Barras Bridge

Jany. 1 1854

My dear old esteemed friend ,

Before you left , you promised to write to me soon , but alas! for promises , they are indeed made to be broken - the promised letter , if it has been sent must have been an invisible one - The proverb says Quiquid promiseris facito - However , for this time , I say nihi ignosco - I shall in the first place wish you a happy new year and may you my dear boy be spared to enjoy many many of them . I trust that you now find yourself much better , and I sincerely hope you will soon again be restored to good health. At present I have got my friend Thackery with me, and I think will remain a week or ten days longer. He is a nice gentleman, & I shall be truly sorry when he leaves me.

I have ever since you left been reading closely, and now hope soon to go up to Coll. I have not much in the news way to tell you, as I suppose your sister Margt. Wrote you the other day & will as a matter of course have given you all the Newcastle gossip. The weather with us at present is very cold - we have had heavy falls of snow, but it has nearly all disappeared again. I have not seen your friend Miss Parr at church since you left. I sometimes see her friend Hoyle, he has left home and gone to lodgings; this I certainly don't understand. Our friend the domestic at is still with Mother, I sometimes have a chat with her but not often. I have not been to see the Quinns for about ____ and now feel ashamed to call, but I suppose that I shall have to pluck up courage and call upon them some day soon. Fryer I am glad to tell you is quite himself again, and looking so well since he returned from Yorkshire. I have not been up home this Xmas, I should have spent a dull Xmas had I not had Thackery with me.

I had a long letter from Jaques the other day, he is in Liverpool and got a very good situation. I often go along to Lovaine Place, it is the only place I may say that I go in Newcastle. Miss Hewitt has been very poorly but is getting better - I have not seen her since your party last year - what a long time you will say to yourself. Now my dear Jn. I shall expect to hear from you soon, and you shall have a long letter in return. I have not time to write more as post time is about up - with kind regards hoping to hear from you soon, and let it be a long letter - I am my dr. John

Yr. Affec Friend

Tom Scurr