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Letter folded and addressed to:

Mr. John Pybus Ingledew

Care of Mr. Thorne

Post Office



Newcastle 1 January 1854

My dear John Pybus

Your Father has heard his son’s voice from Alexandria in that country which has been designated the terrestial Paradise and I am exceedingly happy in being enabled to comply with the call - Your letter of the 1st. to the 7th. Decr. did not come to hand until last Tuesday morning, the second day after Christmas Day - you may be assured that I was delighted to receive it - its contents except as to the reference to your own health are excellent terse graphic and pictorial and have indeed delighted us all - and likewise many of our friends to whom I have read a portion of them - i.e. that portion which gives an account of your voyage - your detention as a prisoner in custody and your discharge and the account of the ancient city of Alexandria.

An Avant Courier arrived the week before ( i.e. your first of exchange for 40 ) and informed us that you had arrived at Alexandria.- I accepted the bill with pleasure ( the first I ever did accept ) and paid it in due course & thereby the interference of a Notary was dispensed with.- Your statement as to your health is anything but satisfactory but I still hope through a kind Providence considering your youth and your having to reside a few months in a warm & congenial climate that you will as you say reconquer the unfavourable symptoms.- I shall my dear John be most anxious for your next letter from Cairo written after a fortnight’s residence there with the state of your health - if however after remaining there a couple of months you feel that the symptoms do not improve, I would advise a return to Alexandria & from thence a trip to Marseilles or some place in the south of France, and there try a couple of months more by which time you may venture home; and to enable you to avail yourself of this suggestion should you consider it expedient, you can again at Alexandria draw upon me for the necessary funds which shall be advanced for the purpose of promoting your health & comfort ungrudgingly.- My wishes are that you should not remain at a place where you feel you are receiving no benefit.

As to your permanently settling in a climate other than that of England that, if ultimately found to be absolutely necessary, shall be done; and I think the south of France should in that case have our attention drawn to it,- but when you return home for the summer months the subject can have our joint deliberation - and in the meantime do for your own sake and for the sake of your father and brothers & sisters who are all feelingly interested in your health & welfare Keep up your spirits, remembering that many others labouring under the same malady have been restored to good health.- I must give you credit for writing in good spirits - may they not flag .- By the time this reaches you, you will have seen your old schoolfellows Hardcastle & Stanton, with whom I hope you will seek occasional interviews in order to parry off all tendency to depression of spirits.- We are all going on as usual - this is the time for balancing County Court books - all news will be communicated by your brothers & sisters who thank God are all well.- Our vicar’s text this morning was from the 39th. Psalm, verse 4 - look at it - After dinner (as usual on Sundays ) we drank to your better health and afterwards James Henry & I have been occupied in addressing his dear brother & my dear son in the land of Egypt.-

Your affectionate father

Henry Ingledew

P.S. I shall write again by the next month’s post - say about this day month - in the meantime some of us will have heard from you.