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Fragile Condition)

Letter folded & addressed to

Mr John Pybus Ingledew

of Newcastle upon Tyne

England 1/6

Care of Mr.Thorn

Post Office




Stamped Alexandria

Feb 2 1854

Stamped 20 JA 20 1854


Dear John

Enclosed you have a letter from Lizzy. I do not know what she says in it for I have not looked at it but I cannot send it away without adding a few lines. I had your letter to hand here a fortnight but into my hands tonight to learn from it that your health was not then improved. Another letter of yours is now to hand - the report of it which reaches me says that you are better. I am very glad indeed to hear so. One thing John is my entains you must now watch over your health with a pulous case. Avoid the shadow of a circumstance that may do you any harm. Make up your mind to ………your self as out of health but be careful not to put ……………. (if you can help it) in your spirits - You certainly are far far away from home but this is for the best - most certainly you are not forgotten, on the contrary you are very often thought of & spoken about. What a change your present circumstances is; out of bustle, amongst a people without ………with a climate unfit for it, everything about you must induce calm thought and reflection. You have now John an opportunity of employing & expanding your reflective powers such as business? people here are denied. I hope we may see you back again, with health perfectly restored, to put to use these advantages. You may depend upon it the will made up …….thoroughly digested mind has immense advantages over the minds of business men. I have no doubt but Lizzy would in her’s tell you first of all about her own interested matters - how little Wm. Henry is, how he looks, & as how he is about to cut his teeth & after that, all little matters that have occurred with himself and the rest of us. Lizzy’s simple homely letters cannot fail to engage you. I wrote you? my hasty? And sent you? a …….. for Nick? Reynolds which left him about 3 weeks ago. Margaret has no doubt advised you of the said package which contains also a parcel from her. You must excuse my not writing you before. I have been so over head heals? this last back? And that I could never manage to put a little bit of time to do any little special matter. I am thoroughly ashamed of it but hope you will not count me the worse of it - Accompanying this is a Gaurdian - from it you will see what a dreadful havoc there has been amongst the shipping & loss of life. The year has closed with a very good trade & very high prices in spite of scarcity of food pestilence & rumours of war, but there is no doubt but the war which is ever? to break out in spring will bring on a crisis & we may have in the manufacturing departments both stagnation & heavy losses. The feeling here in favour of the Turks ….. daily more & more strong since Sinape? every one cries out for war. Prince Albert has got? very sadly out of favour on account of his … interference with the Foreign Office matters in favour of Russia - Parliament meets the beginning of next month & it is expected an all sides that there will be some very stormy work on all hands. Lord John is to bring in a new Reform Bill on the one hand increasing the Borough members & ……. & Sir Fitzroy Killin? an opposition one to extend the Country? do, to such? independent members & the entire opposition are to be on the Government on their ……in the Eastern Question. Since the fleets went up we have accounts of accounts of much successes on the Danube. Oman? Pasha is a very clever fellow Opinions here, are, we shall have a short war & a good one if Austria remains neutral. …….ending to all this which I hope is not … ious to you. John …. I only ………. it is a bit of chit chat on matters of opinion …………….conjunction with the war going? on in the ……… in which your? are? In the hopes of it being a little ……ascation in the letting you & may amuse you. I shall now conclude with a sincere wish that there the blessing ……the Almighty you may be returned to your …… in due time you may return home to fill ……. that you at present learn.

Believe me Dear John

Yours truly

W. H. Welford

          Newcastle Jany. 1854