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Mr. John Pybus Ingledew (of Ncastle Tyne)

care of Mr. Thorne

Post Office



18th. March ‘54




Via Southampton 1-6

I retained yr. paper for next mail R.Thorne



Newcastle upon Tyne MR18 1854

Paid CM 20MR 1854


Back Office - 18th. March 1854

Dear Jack

As I have already allowed two posts to take their departure without writing you I feel I would be wanting in duty were I to allow another - besides I had no news to communicate - I hope ere this you are quite strong , well & happy & are enjoying yourself - at Home we are all well save Daggett who is confined to the house from the effects of a severe cold - Mrs. D. shows strong symptoms of being in the family way so much so that she causes her dress to appear very short in front - Frank, Edward & Robinson are all well,- Fryer poor fellow has been confined to the house for a few days from the effects of a pain in his stomach - he is now however quite well again.- Sep Cail has won his trial but only got 5-5-0 damages. Mr. Watson our senior counsel thought we ought not to try for damages but simply the right of way - The trial must have cost the Corporation a great deal of money; for example they paid Mr. Knowles with brief 27 & each of the two juniors 15 guins. each - besides consultation fees - they also had to pay 20 for taking the jurymen to view the Locus in quo; also 12 for a special jury & several other extravagent sums.- How lucky we won, just imagine, how could poor Cail afford to pay their costs as well as his own - A day or two after the trial Daggett gave notice to Mr. Kell & to the Corporation Treasurer not to pay the costs out of the Corporate funds & has since taken Mr. Dodgson’s opinion on evidence who says they are entitled to pay the costs out of the fund - we have therefore withdrawn the notice & today the Observer contains a report of a special meeting of the Council at which meeting we are called everything - likewise Mr. Kell their own town clerk came in for a similar dose.

Mrs. Park frequently enquires after you & so does Mrs. Straker. Mrs. P. & Mrs. S. do not speak & occasionally they meet in our office which is very unpleasant.- By the bye Sep Cail after winning the trial gave us clerks a supper & poor Daniel got slightly intoxicated & made a great fool of himself - Mr. Gaddy the shipbuilder was there & when Daniel was singing he persuaded him he sang so well that he would like to hear him again.Daniel the silly fellow complied.- You will by this post receive a Gateshead Observer which contains a pretty fair report of the trial.- Bob Kidd has taken a nice little house at Preston near Shields & is I believe in a very short time going to be married to a Sunderland lady. We have the Miss Carters from Catterick staying with us at present but of all the horrid bores they are the greatest especially the elder of the twain, she rarely speaks to me & I only reply to her questions, ergo I have got the character of being extremely quiet.- The other day I took her i.e. Miss Carter tosee the boat race between Candlish & Messenger; we went to the old Mansion House & inspected the two skiffs & shortly afterwards the respective men made their appearance.- Messenger put off his shirt & pulled stripped to the buff & Miss Carter pulled her veil down & never looked at the race atall - Messenger won - easily by 200 yds. - Messenger took the lead & was never touched - Candlish appeared nervous & never had a chance.- Scurr sometimes comes along & smokes his pipe with me & we often talk about you & when you used to smoke with us - I often wonder what you are doing & how you get your time spent.

We i.e. Fryer & myself are busy reading the Common Law Procedure Act - Frank never reads anything ; no more does your friend Thompson.- Last week we were out at a party to the Dees’s & there met Browning & Bruce. They both enquired kindly after you & expressed their hope that you would return home quite well.- Harry Chaterhas passed but at the same time as he passed there were 26 plucked.- Campbell the shoemaker has changed his residence & gone to Eldon Street; Mr. Allen still lodges with him - We had a few friends to tea the other night & invited Mr. Wright of Villa Real expressly to meet the Miss Carters ; He however did not take the bait . Your attached friend Jessy Hewett is far from strong & looks exceedingly pale. She I believe has promised Margaret to write to you.- Father is up at London at present having gone in his capacity as Chairman to the Guardians to be examined before a committee of the House of Commons respecting the supply of water to the Town . He went on Tuesday by the express and I do not expect him back before tomorrow evening - I hope he will enjoy himself , he took your letter up with him most probably to shew it to Mr. Temple . He , poor man often thinks of you and wishes you at home again strong hearty & well - & regularly every Sunday & frequently during the week our toast is Jack & all absent friends - Capn. Henzell has gone to London to see if he can buy a ship or a share of one as he is now anxious to do something for himself & is quite tired of being on shore - Mrs. Henzell I have not seen for a very long time but I believe she is far from being strong & complains of her chest - I see by last week’s papers that poor Beeswing is dead having died from some Heart disease .

The steeplechase at Lawfield will not be long before it takes place but is not yet fixed - Mrs. Harrison from Yorkshire , some distant relation of Father’s paid us a visit for two or three days ; she would have liked to seen Mr. Pybus , she remembers you set her to the train last time she was in Newcastle . Charley Henzell , the Doctor’s son has gone to the District Bank & looks strong & healthy but still continues the bad habit of smoking - The County Court parliamentary return has just been finished & made out by Green for North Shields - The Carlo Alberto left here on the 27 or 28 February for Portsmouth to take in her guns & ammunition - We are all in excitement here about the war - several men of war ships have been in the Tyne getting sailors & the Fleet has gone to the Baltic - we expect daily to hear of some great Battle - how do the Natives feel where you are at ? Has the Richard Reynolds arrived out at Alexandria yet and have you got your pistol & cakes & oil ? Nick Hardcastle has passed his examination as a Surgeon & sometimes gives me a call at the office . He says that Jack is enjoying himself very much & keeps a pair of horses - have you seen him yet ? Are you cultivating your moustaches & beard , if not , do so , for it is all the rage here especially by the Quayside & the ladies like them exceedingly . Fryer has got no whiskers yet , neither have I . I don’t know whether you have or not but perhaps when you write to me you will enlighten me . When do you purpose returning home & how do you feel yourself ? Mind when you return home , come overland and see all the French towns , a chance which if you miss you may never have again - The Sea I have a horror of & would not like to be a sailor like what you are - for you have been very nearly in the 4 quarters of the world - and in conclusion believe me to be one who anxiously hopes to see you at home in a few months renewed in health & your affc. Brother

J. Henry Ingledew

P.S. Mr. Justice Talfourd is dead - he died rather suddenly whilst addressing the Grand Jury in some of the Southern Counties.