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Envelope addressed to: John Pybus Ingledew Esq.

Care of Messrs. George & Symes & coy.



North America


Postmarked: North Shields AP 26 1853

Liverpool AP 26 1853

Quebec MY 15 1853


Lovaine Place 24April 1853

Dear John

Before commencing with news allow me to express a wish that you are in the enjoyment of good health and have not suffered any inconvenience from your long voyage. I was much amused at your saying in your letter from the Pentland Firth that I did not know what sea sickness was. From that and from the fact of your not having eat anything from the Sunday till the Wednesday, I calculate you have had a good spill of it & can give a good account of the feeling you have experienced. From the time of your leaving Shields till about a week after, as you had nothing but contrary winds we consoled ourselves with you being somewhere off Cullercoats but it appears you must have had a good deal of knocking about - We have got into the new house but unfortunately the carpets don’t fit & how long it will be before we get everything put right I don’t know. I have not yet commenced to put the books into the bookcase & dread commencing. Lucky are you to be out of the way - I occupy your garret because the room intended for me is still exceedingly damp. The garret reminds me very much of Dean Street it is so comfortable & you can hear no noise, & there is nothing to disturb you. I am quite sure you will when you get back be delighted with it - Daggett has ordered his drawing room furniture of Mr Robinson in Northumberland Street & it has to be very neat so that by the time you get home his house will be nearly all furnished .

Miss Pybus of Fleetham is dead and nobody ever informed us of it & the only way we got to know was first Daggett was told by Mr Robert Pybus who had been informed by his sister. I heard through Edward Fryer several days after she had been dead. Don’t you think some person should have written from Yorkshire and informed us? Miss Pybus of Newcastle did never hear of it until Margaret told her - you have been mentioned in Miss Pybus’ will and have had bequeathed to you a golden pheasant, Ann I’Anson a set of old china & the rest of the family nihil - I have at last had the honor of being introduced to Miss Phillips the Dunn’s visitor & think her a very nice girl, she is full of life, gay & dashing. Dagget & myself were at a party there on Thursday night & I think I never passed such a pleasant evening, I have nearly got off the new dance "Tempète" it is such a nice romping dance & will just suit you. - Today (Sunday) I am under physic my cheek having all struck out from the effects of cold it looks something like a boyle. Mr Nesham says I have to take some physic & call & see him tomorrow .

Yesterday I was down at Shields & saw that large vessel of Grahams go out to sea, she did look so noble & there were lots of people watching her - There is a very large war steamer laying at Shields at present a little bigger than Mr Grahams vessel, she is a screw & looks very rakish - yesterday we received the news of poor Mr Kirks death at Catterick - I should think that Mrs Kirk & family will now return to Newcastle so that she may look after her sons - Last week I went to Bellingham to hold the court there instead of father (who had a very severe cold & still has). I had a dog cart all to myself. Mr Pybus did not go on account of his little boy the youngest being dangerously ill ( he is since dead) Mr Losh also had a dog cart to himself. He got the start but I beat him there he told me I had to pass him & go on as his horse was a little stiff. When I got there I found Mr Dodd the ___ & Mr Cooper Abbs from Newcastle, however there was not a single case tried & the only business done was an application for a summons out of the district so you may guess how I enjoyed my trip. I bought Mr Abbs back again to Hexham we did enjoy our ride so much it was such a beautiful day - I have met Mrs Henzell (the Captains wife) once since you left. I am still quite delighted with her she is a perfect lady in her manners & is so gentle. Give any respect to your Captain & mate & tell them I often think of you all & wish I was with you - how do you get on in the tobacco line, is the consumption great or does the sea air prevent you from smoking, did you or the Greville Bay beat out to Quebec, have you seen the celebrated Miss Sunnies yet, if not , write & give full particulars of your introduction when that takes place .

Your friend Mrs Park frequently enquires after you & Frank Edward & self often speculate as to your whereabouts & wonder how you feel. There is nothing particular doing in the office - Hammand has lost his case with Corridor, what a pity, I am afraid he will be beginning not to think so well of the firm, but it could not be helped it was not our fault - The Sheriffs business is thriving, but unfortunately we have lately had more capias’s than fifas - Jessy Hewett has got another little sister what a large family there is going to be but I should say there already is - Cousin Ann has also got an increase to her family in the shape of a little boy she has now a family of eight. Dagget and father are going over to Yorkshire after next circuit ergo I shall be left so he's both in the office and house - Margaret is going to stay about June in Yorkshire with Miss Pybus & by the time we see the light of your face it will be about time for Dagget to go and get spliced - Mind you call at Clifton when you are returning home & see Archy Dunn I am quite sure he will be delighted to see you & will show everything to be seen about Bristol & Clifton if I were you I would try & get to Manchester & have a look at it, also Liverpool if you can manage it - I find the smoking room in our new house a great acquisition it is so pleasant after reading Smiths Mercantile Law to retire in solitude and smoke your pipe & think of what you have read. By the time you get back I think I will be able to read with you, so that one can read to the other - There is nothing going on in the town everything is just the same. Ellertons Benefit is tomorrow night & I have no doubt he will have a very crowded house - Taylor has got turned out for Shields on account of his committee having been guilty of bribery and treating - the new candidates are M J Lindsay & a Peter Dickson a London shipowner, Mr Otter the barrister came forward but has since retired in favor of Mr Lindsay - John Bruce is going to have a reunion of all his old pupils on account of having recently been made a DCL & with best wishes in all your actions believe me to be

Yours affc Brother J. Henry Ingledew

J.P.Ingledew Esq (India)