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Newcastle 26 Feb 1855

My dear John Pybus

You are aware that I do not rapidly arrive at conclusions - your scheme as to Australia requires great consideration and I must say that I have not made up my mind on the subject - after you have passed and been admitted we must have a conference on your future movements - it may be found advisable that you should revisit the Mediterranean or that you should visit Ceylon or some other part of the East Indies - however I think you should not trouble yourself with the matter at present and I will continue to think about it - this is the first day of the Assizes here - there is not much Civil Business I understand - I concluded my Judiciary Circuit on Friday having had weather more stormy and winter like than on any former Circuit since the establishments of the Courts - on Thursday evening when at Alnwick I slipped and fell upon the Star Inn steps and hurt my side very much no ribs broken but great pain produced - I am in Mr Nisham’s hands and I flatter myself the pain is subsiding - I feel it most at nights when in bed experiencing great pain in turning - In coming down to the office this morning I called on Mr Nesham and he enquired kindly after you - he said that Dr McQuintec formerly an eminent but eccentric Physician in Newcastle used to recommend patients visited as you are to Cold Climates such as Lapland etc. - and by way of illustration Mr Nesham added that a patient of his labouring under an affection of the Lungs has been remarkably well during the late frosty weather - Mr Wm. Berkley called at the office today and desired to be remembered to you - Mr Robt. Paxton Beil has returned - his Account of Australia is not very flattering - he says the nights are cold and days warm - he had a voyage to Ceylon which he says is a delightful place.

You had better order Aykbourn’s new Chancery Practice and at the same time I would recommend you to order Maugham’s Digest of Examination Questions the 6th Edition being just published price 10/6 - in this edition all obsolete questions are expunged. We had the pleasure of remembering you in a Glass of Wine yesterday - being an invalid I was visited after dinner by Dagett and Sep. Cail from Gateshead and by Welford from St Mary’s Place - we had a jovial afternoon - Henry Pybus of Hook House is dead - James Henry returned on Saturday from a visit to his uncle’s - he went to Richmond Ball but I fancy he either has told you all about it - I enclose the dexter halves of four five pound notes and on hearing that you have received them safe I will forward the sinister halves - I am delighted that you are well - have you a cough or a spit?

Yours affectionately

Henry Ingledew


This letter was folded and addressed to

Mr John Pybus Ingledew

29 Orchard Terrace




(stamp removed) sealed and stamped