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Letter folded & addressed to : Mr. John Pybus Ingledew 29 Orchard Terrace Torquay

Postmark : Newcastle on Tyne MR 2 1855

Newcastle 2 Mar 1855

My dear John Pybus


I now enclose the Sinister halves of the notes of which you have already recd. the dexter halves - You are wrong in your Heraldry when you say that the halves you have received are the sinister halves -( drawing of shield with a. on left side and b. on right side )- in this Shield the side marked a. is the dexter and the part marked b. is the sinister - I am sorry to find you are in the weak and languid condition you represent - I hope you will follow the advice given to you of taking Port Wine every day and that the practice and a change of weather will produce a good effect.

With reference to your admission as an Attorney , I am afraid you are too anxious and that your anxiety affects in some degree your health - If such is the case I would advise that you cease reading for the purpose of passing an examination at the end of your Clerkship & that you be content to be admitted a Notary only , which can be obtained without an Examination and you are aware that a Notary can prepare Conveyances and do all that an Attorney and Solicitor can do except prosecuting and defending Actions and other proceedings in Circia and you are also aware that conveyancing is the best part of the business of our Firm - and should it please God to restore you to health and strength you can then if inclined pass your Examination in order to admission as an Attorney.

As to Canada , I approve of it rather than Australia and I rather think you do the same - if you make up your mind not to prepare for an examination after considering my ideas , it will be of no use procuring either Aykburn or the Digest - We have got rid of the storm yesterday ; there was a fine westerly wind which seems to have destroyed all the snow - Today is a fine mild day like a day in May - We are sadly short handed in the office - Edward is unwell , and Robinson is at Shields supplying the place of Frater who is likewise unwell ; and Seymour is not returned - I am glad to say that thanks to a kind providence I am fast recovering but have still a pain in my side which is worst at nights when in bed - I agree with you as to the lamentable mismanagement of matters in the Crimea - I see that the Parliamentary Committee ( Roebuck’s ) have resolved that the Enquiry shall be secret - I hope it will be honest - I am going on Sunday for a few days to Low Fields - Part of Mr. Lockwood’s property which is to be sold on Monday adjoins our High Field land and your Uncle wishes me to attempt buying it - Let me hear from you within a fortnight or so .

Yours affectionately

      Henry Ingledew