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My dear John

I am a very lazy letter writer to what I used to be. I think as I get older I lose my inclinations for it so I hope dear John you will put my silence down to its real cause and not fancy my dear brother that you are forgotten. We have the hope of seeing you very soon as our departure is fixed for the 1st of May which is next Sunday fortnight so if you were to arrive in London on the Wednesday it would be very nice. I would like James to go at once to his lodgings as knowing that Mr Robert Shaw is at present residing with the Semples I think one of us only should go there. James is anxious to have you with him and as I fancy you would like that yourself you had better join him. I will have you all to myself at Torquay or I don’t think I would willingly agree to this plan.

I expect Hannah tomorrow week, poor girl I doubt she will have but a dull time of it however Lizzie's being so near is a great advantage. Wm. Leaves tonight by the 11 train for London where he talks of a stay of 10 days or so. Eliza has been gone three weeks last Saturday and Wm. is quite tired of his bachelor life. The Huey’s have left their house for a Melie month to a Mr Walkensham and want lodgings near the Parks until they see how they like London. Should they do so they will give their house up and take one in London if not, return to Newcastle. Mr Welford drove Lizzie and me out to Gibside about a fortnight since in a dog cart. We had a delightful drive as it was a lovely day, Jessie and both Mr and Mrs Hewett made many enquiries after you and desired their very kind remembrances. Last Monday Mrs Ferguson, Lizzie and I walked to the Fell and spent the afternoon with Miss Robinson, poor lady she looks fresh and hearty yet. John Scurr came out for us in the evening and we all enjoyed ourselves in spite of a terrific high wind.

This morning I was at Bennett. I found Miss Winston downstairs for the second time and though better she is still far from well in fact I fear her constitution will never rally. Tonight I have had the pleasure of entertaining Miss Henzell and Miss Longstaffe, don’t you envy me? Tomorrow night we are invited to a party at the Singer’s of the Leazes Terrace, James is going but I think I will stay at home as I never feel well after a party. Lizzie and her little boy are both quite well. Susan I have not seen very lately. Next Monday if it is fine I am going with John Scurr to spend the afternoon at Hedgfield with his cousins the Masons. This Thursday James and I are going to a charitable concert on Mrs Leybourne’s behalf. On Friday I believe James is going to invite a few of his friends. The circuit begins again tomorrow and will just finish before we go to London. I hope now the weather is finer and warmer you find your health improving and when we see you next month we may find you well and strong. I will write again to tell you about James’ lodgings and where you are to go to and with love

Yr affectionate sister

M. D. Ingledew

16 April 1855