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Folded letter (address damaged)


Mr John P

Captains Clerk

Screw Transport


27 Oct 1855





10 Lower Calthorpe St., Grays Inn Road

27 October 1855

Dear Jack,

I received yours of the 17th inst. today, but I have not the slightest idea when you will receive this - On the 18th inst. I wrote to you & paid 1s. postage, but the letter has since been returned on account of too little postage having been paid, & having been opened at the dead letter office - I also enclosed two letters addressed to you at N’castle, one from Mr Eastly & the other in a neat hand evidently from some pretty young lady - of course I will keep them until you return as the postage will be heavy - Prior to leaving Newcastle Annie gave us a nice dance, she issued about 100 invitations - I think about 85 were present, there were some very fine girls there & you - had you been there would have enjoyed yourself greatly - Edward left a few days after you, but never told me what passed between you & he the night before you left, he has never once written to me although I have been urging him to come up to Town but I suppose I need not expect him to lodge with me as probably his sister will be coming up with him .

Like you I have had no reading since I came but commence in earnest on Monday - Sowerby is jolly & has not the slightest dread of passing - Young Slokoe of Hesham also goes up at Michaelmas & has no doubt of his passing, I am almost sorry you did not pass & then bolt off somewhere, however I have not the slightest doubt but that you will pass with the greatest of ease - I have never once seen your or rather my friend Dick of the Cloisters but strange to say Sowerby has found out where she lives, so that probably I will see her shortly - Daggett & Eliza are both in Town. Daggett came up on Tuesday last on an Arbitration case returns on Monday morning. Eliza, baby & he are of course staying at Stamford Street - Report states that Anthy. Nichol Esq. Will be the new sheriff of Newcastle & Daggett his undersheriff - don’t I wish I was passed as probably some of those honours might perchance fall on me - I have heard but whether it is true or not that Tom Scurr was plucked on his examination on Entering College - item that Octavius Bell has bolted with some of his clients’ money - Margaret I suppose is getting beautifully strong, but how will she like the idea of the Gentm. whom she adores being plucked I don’t know.

Prior to leaving Newcastle I paid a visit to Gibside & saw your friend Jessie who looks as pretty as ever, of course we had to look at the horses & talk about them having fine arms, short hocks short backs etc etc & all such humbug as that - Miss Ruper of Pickhall is dead she died at Manchester of cancer & her nephew John Fall drops in for all, lucky dog. By the Bye if you go to Sebastapol try & bring a sword, pistol or some other thing which has been taken from the Russians, I have no doubt you can get them very cheap - when am I to look for your return & what are the particulars of your voyage out. Your letter to me is very brief & contains only some 15 lines widely written - On Wednesday last Dagget & I and James Temple went to Sydenham & enjoyed ourselves very much for we dined there & at night we together with Eliza went up to Bruntsfield House.

Yesterday I dined with young Stokoe of Hexham who resides at Decham rye somewhere near where the Murrays used to reside, they are now residing near to the temples - Harry Hill is still as noisy as ever & kicks up a great row when he talks learnedly about fine girls & particularly when Sowerby chaffs him - I take things very quietly in the office frequently walk off for an hour or two - I am going to let my moustache grow so that probably by the time you return I shall look military, - My application for a Commission was fruitless - Philipson was going to get me one in the North Militia so that I might volunteer into the Line but unfortunately the very night he was going to write he met the Guvnor & talked to him about it & the Guvnor as usual set his foot on it - Seymour has returned to the office & I believe is giving every satisfaction but prior to his doing so, he was arrested under two warrants one from the Non Burgess Court & the other from the County Court & very nearly got into quod, Daggett refused to pay, Seymour cried & became nervous & ultimately the Guvnor persuaded Daggett to pay the debt & costs from him upon the understanding that he should return to work & state on account with Daggett - Yesterday about one o’clock strange to say I met old Carrick of High Town in Fleet Street - wasn’t he astonished to see me - How do you like Balaklava, any chance of getting an appointment out there, seen anything of Capn. Hewell, & what sort of a berth have you, what do you do & have you been to see Inkerman & Sebastapol - May I expect another letter from you if not why not & how otherwise - no more news & with best wishes believe me Dear Jack

Your affc. brother

J Henry Ingledew