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nvelope made of folded paper

Mr John Pybus Ingledew

on board the transport

S.S. Lord Raglan




Gateshead no. 5 1855



Catherine Terrace

November 2nd 1855

To write to Balaklava is of itself to me a very great novelty, and to write to one of her most gracious Majesty’s servants is also a novelty, so I hope two great novelties together may not prevent me coming to an end with this dear John. Mrs. Bruce presented her husband with a second son a fortnight since. Miss Bruce is 16, and there has been no little pledge since her birth. Next Tuesday, the pupils of the late and of the present Bruce give him a dinner at the Queens Head Newcastle, tickets 1.15 a piece - far too much I think. We had Mr Penicuick of Gibraltar here to dinner one day at the beginning of October. What a nice man he is - he seems much to wish you would settle at Gibraltar, he thinks it would be good for you to do so, so you must consider the matter carefully over.

My eldest boy has gone to D’Allert’s to learn to dance, so imagine him at the Assembly Rooms twice a week, with a bound and hop. We have Julia Dixon from Norton staying with us at present, she has been here 3 weeks but leaves us tomorrow, we will miss her very much indeed. Mr, Mrs and Miss Helen Daggett have been in London, they went by express last Monday week and returned last Tuesday. Mrs Umpelby’s spirits are indifferent, little Agnes was left behind with 3 servants poor baby. We have had a large party, a house warming, we invited 110 individuals and had 95, we hired Henry and his piano, and had a very pleasant evening indeed.


We were at the Mayor’s Ball last Tuesday. Our coach never came, so Sep went to seek one, it was a fearful wet night, he picked up a very drunken coachman, who was incapable; so Sep drove us there and is now paying the penalty by having an ulcerated throat, this is the second since you left, they are nasty harmful things. Bracknett of Whickham has gone down, so also has Bukenshaw. Octavius Nell has bolted, leaving his debts and wife to anybody, she has gone home to die it is said. Unsworth of the gas office brother to Mrs Robert Welford has bolted with cash and has not been caught. Robert Martinson has also bolted with 3,000 and he has not been captured, is it not miserable.

My father is very well, we dined and tea-ed with him on your birthday, when your letter from Gibralter arrived. Remember us to Hart, he is a very nice man, Ellen Watson is still there but the servants are most fearfully impertinent to her, she has found out so much extravagance since she went that our worthy sister wintered at. James waited till our party was over before he went to London. It is reported and I believe with truth that Scurr has left his rooms in Durham run away in fact as he was not able to answer his questions. I always thought him a goose and am not in the least surprised. Hamond is out of the Council, put out yesterday I was so pleased. The Welfords are the same as ever so are the Daggetts. We sent you a paper last week the Gateshead Observer, I will sometimes send you one. Sep joins me in kind love and good wishes

Your affectionate sister

Ann I’Anson Ingledew Cail