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Letter enclosed in paper & addressed: John Pybus Ingledew Esq. on board the S.S. (no.245) Lord Raglan Post Office Balaklava


Postmarks: Newcastle on Tyne NO 26 1855 2s. Paid CW 27 NO 1855


Gateshead 25th November 1855

My dear John -

It will be as well to begin this letter by stating how we all are and how we are getting on - Father is quite well & has been away this week on circuit which terminated last evening - he is at present rather in a quandary at home - the dining room fire grate ( supplied by Welford ) has turned out defective & has been taken out , but has not been replaced as yet although taken out a fortnight ago - Whether it is Welford’s or Hamond’s fault I know not , but I strongly suspect the latter wants to throw the expense of the alteration upon Father - If so , it is a very shabby trick - Last Saturday Mr. Thewney went to dine at Lovaine Place & the consequence was they dined in the Breakfast Room - Anne & Sep are getting on just as usual in their quiet snug way - their 4 little ones are quite lively although little Harry had a narrow escape a fortnight ago - he fell through the kitchen window & when picked up had an immense piece of glass sticking in his forehead - It was at once removed & he is since better , but the flesh was so much lacerated that it was at one time thought the skin would have to be sewn ; this was however rendered unnecessary .

Eliza & I are and our pair of young ones are as usual - baby Agnes can just walk & is beginning to be very talkative & communicative - Having occasion to go up to London a month ago on an arbitration , Eliza went with me & we found Mrs. Umpelby in anything but good health - her eyesight is failing - Mr. Umpelby was in good spirits & well as were also the Dryden & Temples – By the way how is it you did not call at Hamford Street before you sailed ? Considering you were in Town upwards of a week you should have done so .

Elizabeth & Welford are going on in their old style – I seldom see them , and now that Margaret is away I hear little of their movements – Indeed I care very little about the Welfords, for Wm. insulted me so much the other day that the less we see of each other the better – I was going home to dinner & overtook him & in conversation told him Mrs. Gibbon was about to require the legatees under her Husband’s will to refund a proportion of their legacies in order to pay debts, when he got into such a fury – cursed & swore – said he would punish me & called us all a string of names not fit for ears polite – As it was in the public street, I did not choose to make a Blackguard of myself as he did, so left him.

James from all accounts is sticking well to business & reading moderately hard – He likes London well & when there a month ago I saw him every day & had several long & pleasant cruises with him – He is in excellent spirits & we both remarked that it would have been very pleasant to have had you with us . Margaret has been six weeks in Yorkshire & will it is to be hoped return with her health entirely restored – She has been staying at Catterick & Low Fields & seems to have been very gay during her visit – I believe she will be at home this week & will then relieve Ellen Watson of her duties as Housekeeper – How long Ellen will stay after Margaret’s arrival I know not, but I should think not long .

And now as to yourself , I am glad to find by your letter to Father that you have arrived at your journey’s end , and shall wait impatiently to hear your observations on men & manners at the seat of war – So far you appear to have had excellent weather, but that will not continue long & there is no doubt but you will have a touch of the Crimean winter before long – I only wish you may not catch cold & do yourself injury but that on the contrary you may return to the "Halls of your Ancestors" in better health & spirits . If you have an opportunity of visiting Gibraltar in returning I would do so especially as Mr. Peacock will have reached home by this time & you can then judge & enquire for yourself as to the propriety of settling in Gibraltar as "Advocate, Solicitor, & Notary" , a course which I still think would be the best for you to take.

I suppose you will have heard that Mr. Nichol has been appointed sheriff & that I am the sub.- From appearances the office will not be nearly so lucrative as it was three years ago, but I hope for the best – There is to be a winter Assize – Baron Martin & Justice Willes being the two judges – there will be nearly 30 prisoners for trial including poor Bob Martinson for embezzlement – poor fellow, I cannot help but pity him – he was caught at Southampton & the 2nd. day after he arrived here, he was visited by his wife & I understand there was a most affecting interview between them- The neighbourhood of Newcastle & Gateshead is really getting quite a bad name just now – there is Martinson – then Octavius Bell the solr Has run away but not in much debt – also Brocket the solr who has taken in all his friends & relations to the tune of £25,000 – He has beggared many people to my knowledge & richly deserves the punishment awarded to in John Dean Pinil – Then there were the murders of a poor old woman at Matfen near Morpeth & of Mr. Watson’s assistant at Burnopfield which latter has not yet been found out ;- besides which there have been several highway robberies.-

Frank is going on very well in the office at present , & is very useful especially as Christopher is not very well just no – Mr. Field the new Clerk is very steady & attentive & so far has given my father & myself every satisfaction – Robinson does not seem in very good health just now but he still works away.- I went to the soirée of the Gateshead Mechanic’s Institute on Wednesday last & found the room very prettily decorated with the flags of the Allies – That of Sardinia being represented as green white & red with a small red shield & white cross in the centre (small illustration) –is that the true ensign?- Thursday next is the anniversary of the last Polish revolution & is intended to be celebrated by meetings in London & most of the provincial towns – Newcastle being among the number – It is a step in the right direction to allow a Polish Legion to be formed even although they are called "Cossacks of the Sultan"- It would certainly have been much better had they been called the Polish Legion & been allowed to carry the standard of the white eagle for I have a strong opinion many in the Russian army would desert in such an event.

Business in the office is going on pretty much as usual just now – among other jobs an action of libel being pending against Mr. Milvain at Hamond – It is for some severe strictures on his character contained in an electioneering article , but I believe they would be found to be correct if the case were tried & I have advised Hamond to discontinue & I think he will – He was evidently suffering under the sting of his late defeat as a town councillor otherwise the writ would never have been issued – Do you think you can ascertain anything of a ship called the Sutley (No.90- sailing ship) – she was in the transport service in Novr. Last & was discharged in January last when she was ordered home – Can you ascertain for me the reason why she was directed to return? – Eliza joins me in kind love & believe me –

Your affectionate bror.

Wm. Daggett