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Letter folded & addressed: Mr. John P. Ingledew

Captain’s Clerk on board of

Screw Steam Transport "Lord Raglan"

No. 245



10 Great James St.

Bedford Row – London

6th. Dec. 1855

Dear Jack

I have just received yours of the 24th. Ulto. I am truly glad you keep well – you must have had a very uncomfortable adventure on that night you were compelled to sleep with the soldiers in their tent, particularly as the fleas disturbed your rest,- I am glad you have seen the Malakhoff – the Redan – the docks – the Black Battery etc., for now wherever you go, or in whosoever’s company you are in, you are sure to be looked up to & respected – your society courted and in short everybody will feel anxious to hear you recount your adventures – don’t I envy you ; nevertheless I feel happy to know that you are well deserving of what people may say to your good – Your ring I observe is non est , what were you doing to drop it overboard – How funny that Capt. & Mrs. Henzell should hear you were dead – fom whom did they get their information – What did his wife say when when she saw you ; wasn’t she amazed ?

Now for Home News . Bob Martinson of the District Bank embezzled between 3 and 4 thousand pounds & was caught at Southampton on board of a steamboat on the point of weighing anchor for New York , & he has this week been sentenced to fourteen years transportation by Baron Martin – Winter Assizes have been appointed to be holden at N’Castle & several other places & that accounts for him having been tried at the present season . William Edward Brockett , the Solr , is a bankrupt & horse racing is the cause – report states he has lost a great many of his clients money . There has been a most horrid murder at Burnopfield - a young man , Henry Watson’s assistant , was shot & nobody knows by whom – a reward of 500 is offered . Edward Fryer comes up to town tonight & is going to stay with me a few days , what shall I do with him ; his sister is going to join him as soon as he gets lodgings . Thompson , Bruce & Browning are all in town & I often see Thompson & have great fun with him – On Friday he & I are going out to a small party at the Murrays (the Temple’s cousins) & the other night we were out to a party at the Temples – Thompson it appears was at school with Jimmy Temple & knows him very well .

Sowerby has passed his examination – the questions & answers are out & the examination appears to have been more easy than usual – Never mind , if you will only wait until Michaelmas next , you & I , Thompson , Fryer , Bruce & Browning will all go in together and should we pass , won’t we have fun . Ralph Park Philipson is the new Mayor of N’Castle , Anthony Nichol (Sally’s father) Sheriff & Wm. Daggett Undersheriff . James Smith of Mackey & Smith is Mayor of Gateshead . Margaret has been for the last 7 weeks staying in Yorkshire & during the whole of that time she has only once written me – Harry Hill is just as egotistical as ever – the girl with the liquid blacks is still absent ; although I have seen her cousin & her sister who bye the bye is very like her save that she squints . I am fearfully dissipated here & am turning seedy – I lodge at No.10 Lower Calthorpe St. , Grays Inn Road but do not think I shall stay there long – Your best plan will be to go up to the Temples when you arrive in town or else come to the office for me . You remember me telling you I met a nice girl at Hexham called Stokse belonging of London ; well she has got married & I was at the wedding party at night – All the nice girls get married – By the bye report states that Tom Scurr was plucked at his entrance examination for Durham University & that he has left Durham & gone to St.Bees – Poor soul , I wonder what Margaret thinks of him . It is also reported that Charley Henzell ( the Captn’s brother) has bolted with a lot of tin not his own . Seymour I am happy to say has reformed & is giving every satisfaction .

Last Friday the King of Sardinia arrived in London on a visit to the Queen ; he met with a hearty reception & was loudly cheered – Jimmy Temple still continues to be a goose & howls & yells like mad , so much so that he frightened Thompson when he was there . Mena Murray & Susan Murray are two devilish nice girls & full of fun . Old Temple put up for Vestryman for Mary le bone district but was defeated by a large majority – old Dryden I have never yet called upon – Mrs. Howey & her fair daughters are still in town & much improved in their looks . Do if possible bring some relics from Sevastopol for me – say a pistol , sword , or anything of that sort . How strange you should not have got my letter . I have been sadly bothered in my letters to you , no less than two have been returned .


Of course you will write me again giving me some idea when I may expect you here & what your movements are ; by the bye , has any person ever written you from home ? I even in London only hear from Daggett & Annie . Ellen Watson has been learning dancing & I believe wished to go to the Mayor’s Ball but no person would take her – what a drop – Miss Custance often calls to see her – I wonder how & where your Xmas day will be spent – mine has to be at the Hills & we are going to perform Charades & make fools of ourselves . My stock of news run out – Hope your health continues to improve ; I am afraid you will find the weather beastly cold but you must drink plenty of grog , & take active exercise . Last night Sowerby got a turkey sent him from home & he & I after getting it roasted , ate until we nearly bursted ; after that we had a walk but felt uncomfortable , & this morning I feel feverish for I never got a wink of sleep all night & at breakfast made a fresh attack on the remnants of the turkey - & now dear Jack I must shut up but before doing so , must wish you a merry Xmas & a happy new year , together with health & every blessing that is allotted to human beings – I often think of you – wish you were lodging with me & had you beside me to talk with & make me laugh – au revoir – God bless you .


Your affectionate brother

J . Henry Ingledew


(TO); Mr.Jn.P.Ingledew