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My own tree - "Descendants of Raiph Ingledew" - contains about 220 Ingledews dating back to the 17th Century.  This tree was originally researched by Aubrey Toppin, a herald at the College of Arms, in the 1930s for Hamilton Murray Ingledew.  Subsequently it was enlarged upon and redistributed. The present version started out essentially the same, but with the addition of notes on some of the individuals, and references and more detail where known. However lots of new information and additions to the tree have come to light since this web page was first made, and I should also add that it is being continually revised and updated.  If you have more information which could be included, let me know.

Brian Ingledew from Tonbridge, Kent has recently re-edited his tree - "Descendants of James Ingledew" - and it now contains some 44 Ingledews dating from 1780.

A third tree - "Descendants of Petri Ingledew" - has come from several sources and has also been recently revised. It dates from the early 17th Century and has about 80 Ingledews.

You can read  several "descendant reports" here, which have been generated by my genealogy software.  The decendant report as the name suggests will exclude any branches of the tree which are not descended from the first name.  In my tree this means that long branches of Cails, Daggetts and I'Ansons are excluded. 

I am keen to publish other branches and twigs too, and will add more reports and links to other family trees as they become available.  Do by all means send your branch to me, no matter how small - include as much information as possible and I will endeavour to publish it here.

Added 25 Jun 2002 : "Descendants of William Din Ingledew".  This family tree comes from the Vancouver Ingledews of Canada - many thanks to Mike Ingledew and the rest of the family who collaborated on this tree and are still working to establish who William Din's father was, and where in Yorkshire he came from.

Added end of Oct 2002 : "The Seamer Ingledews" - a tree starting way back in 1580 and now containing some 130 Ingledews.   This comes from Carolyn Royce in America, to whom many thanks. Additional names added to this tree Feb 03 thanks to Ruth Sharp.

In 2003 I added "Descendants of George Ingledew" - based on information supplied by Jennifer Mack (nee Ingledew) in Australia. This tree links to the "Raiph Ingledew" tree through the marriage of Jane Ann Ingledew of Newcastle upon Tyne to James Ingledew of Stokesley.

Added Jun 2007 "The Newark Ingledews" - a tree provided by Michael Hunt starting with John Ingledew who married Elizabeth Ramels in 1804 in Catton, Yorkshire. ( 32 Ingledews).

Also Ron Ingledue from Glendale, California has a lot of information available at http://www.ingledues.com. (Please note this link has not been working but should be now)

I have made a database of all the Ingledews (both by birth and by marriage) in these six trees with birth, marriage and death dates where known. Last updated April 2003. Please note this is not an index of all the names in the descendant reports !


Anyone interested in seeing exactly what area was covered by the parishes of Seamer or Stainton, etc. may like to click on this link to a map of the parishes of the North Riding of Yorkshire as they were before 1832.

For those with Genealogy software,  if you email me I will send you my family tree as an attachment. (See note on GEDCOM files below). 

GEDCOM stands for Genealogical Data Communications and is a file format specification that allows different genealogical software programs to share data with each other. It was developed by the Family and Church History Department of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to provide a flexible, uniform format for exchanging computerized genealogical data. This standard is supported by the vendors of most of the major genealogical software products.

GEDCOM files are merely TEXT files formatted in a special way, so they can easily be exchanged between Windows PC and Apple Macintosh users.

Note that references to IGI in the descendant reports refer to the International Genealogical Index, a worldwide index of over 200 million names also created by the Church of Jesus Christ Latter Day Saints (Mormons); it is available on microfiche (1982, 1988 and 1992 editions) and CD-Rom (Family Search). The British Isles is divided into England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Channel Islands and Isle of Man, and then by county. Most British entries are baptism and marriages from parish registers from the 1530s to the late 19th century.

It is available as a free searchable database online at www.familysearch.org You can also search the 1881 census here.